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when my mind is left to its own devices, nothing good comes from it.

Jan. 12th, 2009

reading over old live journal entries from this account and my other makes me.. well it makes me want to blow my head off, i was such a piece of shit, god, a little emo bitch, im glad those times are over, and i guess i have grown up, but fuck those are embarrassing.
was does life suck soo much

Oct. 15th, 2008

who the hell reelects harper!!! Ahhh
I hope everyone is going to vote.
livejournal seems to have gone the way of the dinosaurs..

you know what sucks.. getting all pumped for a date, then the girl backing out, for reasons that are completely understandable... it sucks more than if the person didnt have any good reasons..

but yea, lj seems to be dying.

Ive developed a passion for marvel comics.

umm... wow

I was driving home a few nights ago with krissy and fiona, and we noticed someone crying and screaming for help laying on the ground infront of manor park. we stopped to see what had happened. it turns out she'd been raped. i dont think ive felt so disgusted with humanity.

just filthy. who the fuck could do that, to a sixteen year old!? its fucking sick.

aswell. a few of my friends got in a car accident on their way back from montreal, shits been getting fucked lately.
*has tickets for europe*
I wish i wasn't so awkward with her. I know i could help her with some of her problems. or at the very least support her with things no one else will.
so, im gonna have fun at a party im going to...

a quarte of rain vodka, a quiarte of rum a quarte (give or take a lil) of MOONHINE and a quarte of absinthe!!

ill try and get a post out between the drinking and death!